The Dubstep Songs We Never Want To Hear

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“Damn son, where’d you find this,” thought the world when it first heard what we now refer to as dubstep. The background and technical definition of dubstep is a different, more complicated story, but for the sake of simplicity, we are using the term to describe what much of the music world has come to know as dubstep: the womp-womp, wobble-wobble faction of the still rising electronic music scene.

As the genre continues to infiltrate the mainstream, we’ve seen it start to spread and dilute itself like a drop of food dye in a glass of water. Sometimes it works. Muse’s latest single isn’t bad, AraabMuzik borrows dubtep elements and flips it into his own unique MPC-fueled chaos, and plenty of exciting new producers have toned down the sometimes grating nature of the wobbly bass into something smooth and subtle. But the truth is, in many more cases acts are adopting the over-the-top Skrillex style of dubstep and embracing it in its most basic, least creative way possible. It’s like they watched this guy and decided to give this shit a go.

At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, some artists are better off leaving dubstep alone. Here are some artists we hope never go dubstep, along with some samples of what it might sound like if they do.

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  • PancakeMcKennz

    A couple of these work, but that doesn’t mean we need them.

    But what are you gonna do? Producers who are trying to get on are gonna follow all kinds of trends to get noticed, then MAYBE they’ll try something original. Highly doubt it though.

  • A-Drego

    Most of these Dub Stepers sound like a dentist drill in a transformers ear drum. I like my Dub Step nice and DUBY. More like a Rastamonsta switching a 7″ on and off. Too many followed suit down Skrillex lane. No disrespect to Skrillex (he’s a pioneer and pretty cool guy) but I prefer the oldies, Scuba, Bun Zero, Benga ect.

  • mdeezy

    what about this remix of wayne with benga? shit sounds incredible

  • A-Drego

    Here is an example of a dub stepish remix done with some class. Normally a Bon Iver Dub Step remix would be exactly what would make my ears vomit. In this case I actually want to sing along, unfortunatly I can never tell what the fuck the singer is saying so lets just quietly hum a few octaves below.

  • wow

    just because you dont know good dubstep songs doesnt mean you should be hating. you’re just uninformed.

  • Todd

    As much as I dislike dubstep in general….it all comes down to the producer behind the track, which goes for any kind of EDM. If there is a solid dubstep producer, then the track should work, regardless of the artist supplying the vocals on top.

  • Confusion

    I don’t hate all dubstep, kinda just the direction it’s been heading and how it gets reduced to its own most basic stereotype when artists decide they want to jump on the bandwagon.

  • Camwagon

    I love dubstep and EDM of all sorts, but I agree the oversaturation of Skrillex-ish dubstep is far too abundant. I think Adele could go dubstep though. There’s a producer named Gemini who did a Lana Del Rey remix and it works wonderfully, so perhaps he could make it work:


    Holy shit that recipe remix is putrid

  • Big Pookie

    Americanized dubstep, or “brostep” is what Con is referring to. There is still plenty of viable dubstep left, most notably in the UK scene. Guys like Benga and Magnetic Man on the dubstep front, and Burial and Mount Kimbie leading the post-dubstep scene are still completely relevant in the dubstep group. Americans who dislike electronic music are garnering their opinions based off Skrillex and those sorts who are making it big, but the electronic world has SO much more to offer. Brostep is, as Barebone refers to it as, putrid, but there is much more than we see in the states.

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  • PlaystataionCentral82

    You can say what you want, but these dubsteo songs will always be heard whenever you go (especially on live performances)

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