Video: Devlin, Ed Sheeran & Labrinth Cover Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “No Church In The Wild”


The English trifecta of rapper Devlin, and singers Ed Sheeran and Labrinth, recently joined forces in the Radio 1 Live Lounge at the BBC Maida Vale studios to perform their rendition of Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s massive Watch The Throne hit, “No Church In The Wild.”

With Sheeran and Labrinth jointly replacing Frank Ocean‘s vocals on the hook, Devlin also provides a twist by delivering original lyrical content and trading out phrases like, “Tears on the mausoleum floor / Blood stains the Colosseum doors” for “Blood stains the north London floors / Peace to every young person taken by the law.”

It takes a shit load of guts to go in and completely rework a Young Hov and Yeezy masterpiece. Did these three do it justice?



  • 6

    I FUCKING HATE DEVLIN. so disappointed he made it on to pnp he is such a poor excuse for rhythm and poetry. infact, im ashamed to be english now

  • Devlin

    My name is also Devlin. And I could probably rap better than Devlin. Sucks that I’m not famous so I can’t reclaim my name from his wack ass.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Wow… I was gonna say they did pretty well, but the preceding comments sound like they’re more familiar with the artist so…

  • Mirkle

    Dude! Don’t be influenced by what other people think!

  • Noory

    i don’t really like devlin either but this cover wasn’t that bad. obviously not as good as the original but that goes without saying

  • Konrad

    to be fair Devlin is capable of great lyricism here and there but hes far from consistent, would of rather Ed Sheeran emceed

  • Monster

    Candidly I’d never heard of Devlin before this. He didn’t blow me away, but I certainly didn’t hate this by any measure either. If anything it’s kinda cool to see a different spin on the track.

  • Daniel

    Devlin is dope! Listen to his F64 on YouTube, and then you have the right to spout stupid sh*t.

  • Daniel
  • jb

    This isn’t great, admittedly, but Devlin touches on alot of notes that working class folk in the UK are angry about at the moment. I’m not a fan of his, and his flow and delivery (and movement) still needs a ton of work, but this isn’t a bad track.

    Ed Sheeran is and always will be in my eyes mediocre, some of the stuff he’s done that wasn’t aimed towards selling is good, it’s a shame he doesn’t do more of it.

    Labrinth is a moot artist, he’s an incredible musician, in the capacity that he can play so many instruments, but the songs he’s been putting out as of late are dreadful.

  • -____-

    I’ve heard of him, I think he remixed that song “Price Tag” by Jessie J, before it got big though…

    Devlin is okay, but his accent is so strong. It’s hard to understand him.

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  • Yo

    I thought it was good. I think that he’s better than half the rappers that are out now in the U.S. And I’m pretty positive that hes good, cause otherwise he wouldn’t make it this far right? Just saying.

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