Video: MellowHype – “La Bonita”


Featuring nuns with guns, women (and Hodgy Beats) in Dia de los Muertos make up, plenty of smoking and drinking, and one very frightened monkey, the clip for MellowHype’s “La Bonita” gives a slick black and white sheen to some of the groups favorite topics. The song itself is more laid back fare than fans of Odd Future might expect, riding cool xylophone tones and heavy bass (a sound reminiscent of some of the Neptunes’ sunnier productions). Check out the video “La Bonita” below.

(The Fader)

  • JCE1236

    This has got to be the most broadly marketable song Mellowhype has ever had. No?

  • JCE1236

    Also… am I crazy or does Hodgy kinda look like Wiz? And then actually kinda sound like him at the very end w/ the singing??

  • PancakeMcKennz

    NIIIIIICE! Oh, and did I mention how chicks with Dia de los Muertos makeup is kinda a turn on for me? …No? …TMI? …Okay.

  • BruceIrvin

    I think I saw Lana Del Rey in the video:D

  • Age 19

    I swear that’s a Lana Del Rey lookalike for the sake of the Lana Del Rey lookalike

  • A.J. Crew

    This is definitely one of my favorite MellowHype songs. Great video.

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