Video: Nicki Minaj ft. Cam’ron & Rick Ross – “I Am Your Leader”


The fact is that you either adore Nicki Minaj or you find her unbearably annoying. No matter how you feel about her, tthere’s very little denying that she is one entertaining individual. Case in point: her latest video for the Cam’ron and Rick Ross-assisted “I Am Your Leader.” And hell, even if you absolutely detest Minaj, the video’s still worth watching just to see a shirtless Rick Ross playing the boss role that he plays so well.

(Hip-Hop Wired)

  • offbeat

    lil kim would eat this bitch alive

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Nothing’s ever worth seeing Rick Ross shirtless.

    But that aside, because Nicki Minaj is such a “character”, I’d like to see more stories in her videos, akin to what was done in “Your Love”, for example. The set in this one was perfect for Beetlejuice parody. IDK. That’s just what I would’ve done.

  • Seulito

    did she just say Big fat pussy… wit a icy watch?


  • Beatsforrap

    I hate the chorus here but the verse are pretty good , Rick Ross all ready used that flow on a track called “High Definition” . Cam’ron opened a can of woop ass here. His verse is wicked and bodied Rick Ross. Hit boy went ham on the beat too . Its addictive and makes you want to listen to the track more and more , it kinda has the same synth sound as that chris brown and tyga track for “Hola at me”

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