Video: The Best Bryan Adams Cover You’ll Ever See


From YouTube:

“Alright, here is the deal, I made this music video for Emily, who you know I love if you watch my vlog. This is the full version, every clip is in it. I know it sucks, I can’t sing very well. I gave Emily a copy of this before posting it, she liked it, and that is the point. I hope you like it if you view it, I put a lot of work in. Credit was given where credit was due.”

Credit where credit is due, indeed. Credit to this kid for living life to the fullest. Take notes, you slobs—this is how you do romance, motherfuckers.

  • Mikacha

    Thanks a lot Con, now I’m not gonna be able to sleep. (from being so turned on, naturally)


    Nice Shirt

  • CK

    A FUCKING +++++++++++++++++++

  • Lykke Li

    Oh my, I think i found a new husband.

  • Matt

    Hollywood needs to buy up the rights to his speech at the end. That’s classic teen movie, get the girl at the last minute, material. This is what happens when kids wear “What Would Freddie Prinze Jr. Do” bracelets.

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