Video: The Neighbourhood – “Female Robbery”


California rockers The Neighbourhood first appeared on our radar back in early February. Their debut single “Female Robbery” essentially came out of nowhere, and served as a dark and ominous introduction to a group that at the time was largely unknown. Fast forward a handful of months and they now have a pair of videos out, a stellar EP with the release of I’m Sorry…, and are in the process of recording their first full-length album.

With positive momentum at an all-time high the band today releases an official video for the newly mastered “Female Robbery,” is re-releasing I’m Sorry… on iTunes, and is pleased to announce they will be unveiling a new online store later today. Be sure to check out all of the above starting with their new video below.

  • Jerry

    These dudes rule. I’m finally seeing them live this weekend in Orange County with Animal Kingdom and I couldn’t be more stoked. If this tour comes around your area, I encourage you to go.

  • Emma

    So glad I came across these guys! I’ve been streaming their I’m Sorry EP on their site all day, and am sooo ready for their full-length!

  • Ross CMR

    This is aweseome, I found an interactive fan page for The Neighbourhood that allows fans to post pictures of their hood to Instagram and tag it to the bands website. Check it out and post a picture of your hood to Instagram with the hash tag #mynbhd.

  • Adecmr

    Listening to them constantly on spotify! I want them to be #1 on spotify’s emerge app! I also love the awesome instagram campaign! They’re my fav!

  • Rachel

    So obsessed with these guys! Just found their #myNBHD page where people have been uploading pics of their own neighborhoods to instagram and tagging it with #myNBHD…. check it

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