We Mashed Up Danny Brown With TNGHT


When we first heard TNGHT‘s excellent EP, one of our first thoughts was, “This would sound crazy with a rapper over it.” But what rapper could handle these massive, unrelenting productions? Danny Brown.

Danny’s got one of the most high energy, charismatic deliveries in the game, and he’s one of the few who we think could take on beats of this magnitude and not be overwhelmed. The other day, we learned (thanks to this video), that Danny had actually been with at a TNGHT listening session in London. Now that we know this, we’re really hoping that we get to hear an official Danny Brown x TNGHT collaboration. Until then, we had to go ahead and find out what it might sound like, so we made this:

Danny Brown vs. TNGHT – “BLNT After BLNT”


  • damn

    poor effort.

  • raymond

    won’t even load

  • raymond

    nvm it finally loaded, so-so

  • Camwagon

    Its not loading

  • Confusion

    This was more meant to help imagine what it would sound like. Sound quality is YouTube level.

  • murg

    I don’t understand all the hate, take it for what it is..here’s to hoping an actual collaboration manifests

  • Noory

    the player doesn’t load onto the page..

  • SK

    I don’t know why yall are trippin this is pretty good. I hope to see a collab in the future

  • rodrigo

    word to sk pretty sick

  • Age 19

    Honest opinion, you picked the wrong TNGHT track because Higher Ground is pretty much untouchable.

    Goooo, with Danny Brown on the first verse w/Blueberry. 2 chainz on the dumb ass ratchet synthy part.

    Actually…I’m gonna get on it xD I’ll get back to you.

  • rick

    I think this is a pretty solid effort just to get a feel for what real potential this collab has.

  • gk

    this shit is great i want a download link

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