Why You Won’t Hear Beastie Boys’ Music In Commercials


The late Adam Yauch–who rose to prominence as MCA, a third of seminal rap-rockers the Beastie Boys–has prevented anyone from using his music and images in all but Beastie Boys-related projects. His will states, “in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes… [and] any music or any artistic property created by me.”

Yauch was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and passed away this May, leaving behind a substantial cultural legacy, from the establishment of Oscilloscope Productions (an independent film production company), to his deep involvement with the Tibetan Freedom Movement.

(Rolling Stone)

  • Tyler

    Good for MCA…I’m glad that he made this decision

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com marc


  • adams

    Am I missing something or do we not actually find out why?

  • Confusion

    Wait, wait are you serious? You read that and did not find out why?

    OBVIOUSLY the whole post is written in code. To find the answer, rewrite the entire post backwards. Then take every 7th letter and add them up according to their position in the alphabet (example: C=3). Take whatever number you get and divide by the estimated population of America in 2006. You’ll get a weird number, but ignore that, just take the 2nd number after the decimal. This number indicates a page # of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Starting from this page, circle the 12th word on the page. On the following page, circle the 13th word. Continue this for 50 pages. Put the words together, obviously in reverse order. AND THERE YOU’LL HAVE YOUR ANSWER TO WHY YOU WONT HEAR BEASTIE BOYS MUSIC IN COMMERCIALS.

    Sorry guys, I know most of you probably got this without me having to break it down, but there’s always an idiot in the class.

  • a guest but not really

    beyond genius Con.

  • adams

    confusion, im sorry but i genuinely don’t get it. the title says WHY you wont hear the music in commercials, then there is just some background info, unless the answer you are mocking me for not getting is just the statement and we dont actually find out the personal reasons for him not endorsing advertising with his music, which i guess must be the case.

    you probably don’t care, but im fairly new to this site and up til now i enjoyed reading it. I also thought you have a great time of writers, spearheaded by a guy who knows his music ands writes very well. im sorry if i have missed something blindingly obvious and iam a total idiot, but youve kind of put me off!

  • http://eshovo.tumblr.com eshovo


    not sure if you still don’t get it, but we do find out the reason we won’t hear beastie boys’ music in car commercials. mca prohibits the use of the music in any advertising in his will. he had cancer and prepared accordingly. i think that’s the whole post.

  • Noory

    it’s simple. he didn’t want it to happen, so he stopped it from happening.

  • Confusion

    Hahah sorry @adams I was justtttt kiddding. I mean the reason that you won’t hear his music in commercials is because he put it in his will that the music will not be used in commercials. Why he decided to do that is another story, but I think there are plenty of good reasons why an artist might not want their music used to help sell products.

  • adams

    Thanks for helping me see the path of righteousness guys. i guess it was just a bit of a misunderstanding, but to me being the greedy internet fiend iam, the title of the piece is not fully satisfying – especially for someone who has only heard make some noise and no sleep til brooklyn, does not know a lot about the band and how much of an activist this guy was. Maybe if I did it would lead me on to making my own thought process of WHY and being content with the post, but to the naked beastie boy eye the reader may want something more, because the essence of the Q/A is a bit like kid plays with toy, other kid wants toy, kid says no, other kid says why, kid says ‘because I said so’ If you see what I mean.
    Now to the reader that’s not ideal because the given answer of why is on its shallowest level and in my opinion isn’t reaaally a reason, though some may view it that way and be completely content. To me Joyce, you could have removed the word WHY from this piece and it would still have been perfectly good music related blog information, and I could have thought oh, that’s interesting. I know I may be clutching at straws here (and I know you guys can’t give me the answer) but I do think that the post is flawed because of this word – hey that’s just how I view things. Were we expecting to hear the music in commercials? Is it a shocking revelation that suddenly this is not the case? If we were, then yeah I guess the post is enlightening and totally relevant, but somehow I don’t think we were waiting with baited breath to hear the BB in the super bowl halftime commercials.
    At the end of the day, I think I can only put all this down to fantastic journalism and grammar related marketing, which is why im still here and have wasted cereal eating time writing this comment. Sorry for blowing shit up.
    Joyce is a lovely name by the way. That was my mothers name.

  • MusicEnthusiast

    Wait @Confusion I did what you said and it came out to:

    Chickens and cupcakes and MCA commercials never happening.

    Explain that to me please.

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