15 Things You Didn’t Know About Diplo


He attended Temple University to study film and music.

Temple University is a public research university in Philly. We all know how involved Diplo is with music, but what many of us may or may not have known is how passionate he is for film. A couple years ago Diplo released his directional film debut, Favela On Blast. The film documents the music culture in Brazil’s slums, otherwise known as favelas. Diplo even wishes he could focus some time solely on film, telling GQ that he would “love to take a year off to do strictly film work.”

  • Chopz

    Great write-up for someone like me just getting into his works. Keep em coming!

  • French Montana

    16) that he’s a tool bit.

  • http://www.blackbettyblog.cpm Elizabeth

    Now Diplo is even cooler!

  • XyNo

    Florida is totally wicked !!! :)

  • Lala

    Discovered Diplo since 2005 and it honestly feels great to see that he’s getting recognized for all the work he’s done! Proud fan:)

  • Age 19

    Hey CON! Diplo fb’d you! Lol.

  • schizotronic

    Diplo was cool… in 2006!

  • http://twitter.com/eric_chance Eric

    he should change his stage name to Pentzhaus

  • http://www.twitter.com/whoismichal Mic

    nice of ‘this asshole’ to post on the FB wall

  • Chris

    great article…he’s a seriously interesting and talented dude.

  • favela

    he also gets mad chicks pregnant.

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  • Andreea

    Didn’t know he made the intro of Game of Thrones, i will praise it for now on!!

  • that’s right

    fuck him

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