A History Of Jay-Z’s Most Surprising Non-Rap Moments

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While many consider Jay-Z the GOAT when it comes to hip-hop, that doesn’t normally bring his leanings outside of the rap realm into play. In a genre where “crossing over” almost requires some kind of non-hip hop movements, Hov is an example of taking some risks and incorporating different sounds into the chamber. These moves have helped accentuate the term “artist” as opposed to plain old rapper. Taking his recent live performances with Pearl Jam and Coldplay as inspiration, we figured we should take a look at some of Jay’s most surprising moments outside of the rap scene. And we promise, it’s not just a bunch of mash-ups of “99 Problems.”

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  • Sirius

    Non-Hip-hop collaborations…It’s still rap…With that said, it’s a well rounded list. HOVA!!!

  • simon


    sade and jay-z did the ILLEST remix. was lookin forward to seeing this on there. a wicked list none the less!

  • http://AWFUL awful

    >still thinking rolling stone is credible

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