Definitive Trap: Top 10 EDM Trap Tunes, So Far

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Running around EDM circles over this past Summer, you couldn’t find a mix, club, DJ or raver that wasn’t rocking to “Trap” music at some point. The craze finds producers from the dubstep/EDM side of things re-purposing the 808 beats made popular by Waka Flocka, T.I., Rick Ross, and other Southern rappers and putting an EDM spin on them. Whether you call it post-Trap (cringe), Trapstep (eh), Trap Rave (no) or just plain TRAP, the sound isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – hell, the Certified Trap documentary is already exposing the likes of Trap-A-Holics, Drumma Boy, Mike WiLL Made It and other notable Rap figures to the sound.

With so many names, producers and mixes out there pouncing on this phenomenon at a rapid pace, it makes sense to get a rough idea of the best of the bunch… so far. Pour up something potent and take a walk with us…

By Khal

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  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    Fuck, yes!

  • Bauwse Skaggs

    You got this list ass backwords.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Flexed so hard, I nearly broke my arms.


    No Mercy RL Grimes x Salva?!

  • miles b

    dude where the fuck is the mercy remix by rl grime and salva?! it’s probably the best done trap step track i’ve heard!!

  • devin

    NO LUMINOX ?!!!!!

    you must be out of your mind

  • Joshua

    OMG you didn’t list every song ever?!?!?!!?!?

    Chill guys.

    p.s. I like the list.

  • Noizy

    No brick squad?

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  • thebighunger

    folks should also check out tunes by gang$igns and crnkn and the tunes the billy aka alright! by stagga and poppin’ (strode remix).

  • thebighunger

    edit: gang$ign$

  • Saundini

    Rl Grime?????? How you not gonna put the Mercy remix OR Trap on Acid. Blasphemy.

  • Quasi

    Half the list is mad decent…

  • uhhitsfuzzy

    ok… now wheres RL Grime and Luminox?

  • Damage

    you didn’t list mines

  • ohhhsnap

    needs some Flosstradamus – Underground Anthem!

    Here is another decent list: What Is Trap Music?

  • Trapstep Network

    Only big names listed here. Heard a lot of great tracks this year from upcoming artists that will be big in 2013. Can’t wait to see that list! :)

  • Faptrap

    I can name 100 better trap tracks than original choppaz.

  • Confusion

    Do it.

  • tyler

    i am in love with kerri dominguez

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