Mac Miller – “First Day Of My Life” (Bright Eyes Cover)


Just had to, you know, let you know that this existed. This happened. There’s this. Listen to Mac’s cover, then the original below it for comparison. Um, can we just change the subject? *Gets uncomfortable, nervously itches eye, rubs out contact lens, becomes disoriented, spills glass of Orangina and falls, spends next 20 minutes lying in puddle of Orangina and tears.*

(Bro Bible)

  • bryck

    shout outs to round sunglasses.

  • Fish

    shout outs to Orangina.

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  • MANE

    what would posses him to release this? its a great song, but seriously you sound like shit cuh, ego trip 101 might have your name out there but this is ratchet, oh i mean, rat shit

  • Ebreezy

    Shout outs to rappers who think they can play guitar

  • Chris

    wow this is great. So much better than the original!

    yeah, not really

  • Casey

    Dude is and always will be a complete hack.

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