Mixtape: Lil Wayne – “Dedication 4″


It’s been nearly four years since Lil Wayne released the last Dedication mixtape, and almost three years since he unleashed his most recent mixtape, No Ceilings, a punchline-laden salvo recorded with jail time looming and the promise of Rebirth around the corner (an even more frightening prospect for some).

In the intervening years, Wayne released two platinum albums (I Am Not a Human Being and The Carter IV), one gold album (Rebirth) and shepherded the rise of two of rap’s best selling stars, Drake and Nicki Minaj. For some, that might constitute an unparalleled hot streak, for Wayne–an artist who once boasted of being the “best rapper alive” and had people truly believing him–it represents half of an incomplete hole, as many would argue his rapping ability has taken a precipitous nose dive since his wave crested with No Ceilings. Enter Dedication 4. Dusting off a beloved series and conjuring images of past glory, the run up to Dedication 4 has fans hoping for and expecting a return to form. See if it lives up to expectations below.

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  • Joel

    Just sayin, Wayne released ‘Sorry 4 Tha Wait’ in between No Ceilings and this mixtape.

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  • cjx

    Wayne got a Thundercat tattoo on his left cheek?

  • http://mixtapeleak.com/ joey4100

    Cover aight but the Mixtape is crazy!

  • CP

    remember when wayne was the guy who killed other rappers on his guest verses? what a joke, j. cole had the best verse on the whole mixtape. no disrespect to j. cole

  • Man

    offer an opinion on the mixtape thats why I love this site so much

  • MaxSur

    What was that rumor about Wayne quitting?

  • http://website.com Name (required)

    A new Lil Wayne mixtape? Sounds too true to be good.

  • wenz

    “The run up to Dedication 4 has fans hoping for and expecting a return to form. See if it lives up to expectations below.”

    I’ll save you the time of listening to the whole tape.

    It doesn’t meet the expectations.

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