The 25 Best Mash-Ups

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Mash-ups get no respect. Part of the problem is that with the easy-to-use technology these days, anyone can make them—and they do. It has led to a saturation of the Internet with half-assed mashes will little thought and even less listenability. But as music evolves, a big part of the story is becoming not just the creation of entirely new sounds, but the reimagination of existing ones.

Mash-ups put familiar tracks into an entirely new context, and when they’re done right, they can be a perspective-changing headfuck. Snobs can turn up their noses all they want and dismiss mash-ups as cheap novelties for the ADHD-riddled generation with no filter and no respect, but we’re fairly certain that they go home, close the blinds, and throw a solo dance party to Biggie vs. Miley Cyrus. Don’t be ashamed. Here are The 25 Best Mash-Ups.

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  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    Great list. The 500 Days Of Weezy album ( and Lovesong vs. B.O.B ( ) are two of my favorites.

  • Fred

    How is the Runaway x Suicidal Thoughts mashup not on this list…

  • Cole

    (500) Days of Weezy is pretty good. it’s just Lil Wayne over the (500) soundtrack, and i don’t really like Wayne but it’s better than you’d think.

  • Lucas

    Missing Wait What’s Notorious xx. Islands is the limit and dead wrong intro definitely trump the biggie tracks on here

  • @battlecrane

    Pretty good but no “I was an international player” (The Hood Internet) UGK and TV on the Radio mash up

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  • offbeat

    (mashup #4) if the movie notorious is any indication as to how biggie penned juicy, i’m pretty sure it wasn’t much of a struggle haha

  • Brandon

    No A-Track – Get Em High’ (Kanye West / The Knife) no care

  • khal

    @offbeat lol

  • Name (required)

    Chanes: Retirement Plans. Jay-z x Death Cab for Cutie, and for my money, it blows The Grey Album out of the water.

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  • jorge

    Wu-tang clan vs the beatles… theres a 20(ish) track mixtape that rides

  • Qtip

    Definitely some great one’s on the list. Also love the hood internets jay z x lcd soundsystem as well as white panda’s passion pit x T.I.

  • affreuxjojo


  • Rook

    This was crack until the last verse. They got his cadence messed up.

  • CesR

    Great list. Should’ve included something from the album Shit Computer. The mashup between Sigur Ros and Biggie is definitely one to hear from that album.

  • iNEPT_

    Bob Marley & MGMT – I Wanna Know Now (Xaphoon Jones Mashup)

  • CommaNderr

    Kings of Leon, Bob Marley & the Eagles – Sex on Fyah (Originals 3000 mix)

  • lr52185

    A pretty week list, considering the material out there. Not a single mention of Xaphoon Jones or Pretty Lights. Hell, “Juicy Must Go Back To Cali” [Biggie, Pretty Lights, Warren G] ( and “Finally Moving” [Mos Def and Pretty Lights] ( are two of the best.

    I also would have gone with “Throw Some D’s On That Blink” by D.Veloped instead of the D.Veloped track you selected.

  • Beaz

    This feels too nostalgic and personalized… it should be called “some dude’s favorite mashups”, because somehow you made the most diverse genre sound pretty similar. Dance mixes are lacking for sure. Diversify it up man, thats what mashups are all about. Good call on the d.veloped though… that guy should be way bigger.

  • Rammicles

    How was Wick-It the Instigators Black Keys and Big Boi mashup not on this list. Top 10 easily.

  • Mr. F

    No Rude Boy Resort by DJ Schmolli???

  • Mr. F

    Also, Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers (Wu-Tang vs. Beatles) is a excellent, amazingly creative venture that was omitted.

  • Chris

    omg that biggie/sinatra mashup

  • Manny

    2 old school mashes:
    Rapture Riders – Blondie vs The Doors

    and one of the original great mashups circa the grey album days:
    A Stroke of Genie-us – Christina Aguilera vs The Strokes.

    both brilliant.

  • Andrew

    Bon Jovi/MIA
    I’m a Cowboy x Paper Planes

    Probably the BEST (fact) mash up ever.

  • Bob

    The lack of Neutral Bling Hotel on this list is incredibly surprising, because any one track on that entire mixtape is about 1000 times better than half of this list. The fact that you included Communist Future makes it even more surprising. Communist Mic is just like… clearly superior in every way. Far more creative and original in using the two songs, turning them both into something new rather than just layering a vocal over an instrumental, which is what a mashup SHOULD be…
    props for including some non-hip-hop mashups in here, though. the kanye/police one was pretty rad.

  • steve

    nothing by Punky Jones?!

  • steve

    The whole mixtape is of MF DOOM mashups

    El Cupa Libre X Motown 25 is an instant classic!

  • kim

    is there any way to download or shazam these mash ups?

  • Bitterend

    Yes, these lists are completely subjective (I wanna hear you say “no duh”), but that’s totally OK. We can argue about whether such and such a song should have been included – and we will anyway – but the other way to approach an exercise like this is that it’s a chance to hear some music you might not have heard before. Between the article and the comments, there’s likely to be something interesting for you. And whether there is or there isn’t, share what you like and why you like it.

    In that spirit, here’s one of my favorite mashups – one that I love because it’s flawlessly simple, totally obvious in retrospect, and bigger than the sum of its parts, which a really good mashup should strive to be. And yes, that’s pretty cheeky aspiration when you’re rearchitecting with bricks from musical classics. It’s a good thing that cheekiness is pretty rock n’roll.
    This track was put together by Go Home Productions:

  • wingels

    no 2pac at all?

  • NPAFan

    Not any No Pets Allowed? Thats sacrilege

  • Tim H.

    List fails without “Imagine a Jump:” John Lennon vs. Van Halen. I LMAO when I first heard it- it’s that amazing.

  • Kevin Liu

    i am disappointed that lobsterdust’s hillarious masterpiece Nelly vs. The Beegees didn’t show up on this list.

  • AJames

    No Jaydiohead?

  • me

    What is with the all the Notorious B.I.G. Mash Ups?

  • Le Bain

    First of all “Come On – My Way of Life” is a superior track off “Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy,” but just thought that I would lay this gem on y’all.
    Sure it is somewhat amateur (or maybe I’m just salty over the sound quality) but this mash deserves a listen.

  • Le Bain
  • MashupCiti

    That’s a pretty solid list! I have a section of editors picks of mashup since 2007 on MashupCiti!

  • meh

    Lame most of these tracks are like… pass

  • anonymous

    How is the RHCP vs Busta Rhymes (Snow/Dangerous) not on here. It literally blows all of these mashups out of the water.

  • Jealous

    The funniest i’ve ever seen

  • DC95

    No Clipse and Kanye “Flashing Lights”?

  • Brich974

    Jay-eezer, the Black and Blue Album was insane. ..Weezer riffs under Hova lyrics.

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