Video: Azealia Banks – “1991”


Is Azealia Banks sexy? This is something we sometimes argue about at P&P, and I always insist that yes, she is sexy. I look forward to her videos so I can point at them and shout, “See! See! That’s sexy! That’s Azealia Banks being sexy!” Then I realize I am too excited and peeing a little. I pray that if I pull a big blanket over my whole body and pull the old, “Hey, I’m a ghost!” trick, nobody will get suspicious.

Whatever, fuck you guys, you don’t get me. Here’s Azealia’s new video for “1991,”

  • Ryan

    Can’t believe it’s an actual argument

  • Confusion

    Right? She’s sexy.

  • Peter

    Def hot.

  • Kizer

    No doubt

  • sdotk

    id smash

  • PancakeMcKennz

    She is to me what Lykke Li is to Con.

  • DJ RadioDreaD

    she can def get it..soooo sexy
    your coworkers are def wrong con aha fck em!

  • Eric

    That just made me fall back in love with Azealia Banks. I’m still going to need her debut LP to have more variety than Fantasea though.

  • offbeat

    so fucking sexy in the 212 video. next question.

  • Lifeofgrime

    Her “cuteness” in the 212 video > her “sexiness” in this video.

    Cant argue with her spit though.

  • Jack


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