Video: Frank Ocean – “Pyramids”


Less than 24 hours after his performance on Saturday Night Live, the Nabil-directed clip for Frank Ocean‘s “Pyramids” hits the ‘Net. You’ll remember Nabil’s clips for “Novacane” and “Swim Good“, and this 7+ minute clip carries on in the same vein – this time with more strippers, and John Mayer.

  • Rick Rasta

    Nabil didn’t do Swim Good. High Five Collective did.

  • Mic

    Seeing John Mayer come out of a neon triangle and do a hypnotic solo? Looks like some desert peyote trippin

  • beeryan

    whats the song at the end of this video, sounds like some unknown frank

  • Batmayne

    It’s the last track on CO.
    The complete version is called Voodoo.

  • Brotherman

    Cool short film. I think the one I had in my head was better tho

  • A.J. Crew

    Good stuff; glad this video finally dropped, even though I had no idea they had plans for it. The ever elusive Mr. Ocean for you.

    @Rick Rasta
    Nabil DID do “Swim Good”. High Five Collective did “Thinking About You”.

  • Angel

    whats the song that plays at the end

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