Watch Kid Cudi Preview “King Wizard” Off Of Forthcoming Album, “Indicud”


To give us another taste of his highly-anticipated upcoming album, Indicud, Kid Cudi has shared a video of himself playing a track from the record off of his computer. There’s something very humble and intimate about the video as he raps along to “King Cudi,” evidently excited about both the song and the album’s release. Well, Cudi, we’re as excited about it as you are. Check out the video below.

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    Im so glad he is getting back to the Cudi that was so innovative a different when he first started blowing up. His first album is an introspective stoner classic.

  • LightsToTheNorth

    The point of this song is I NEVER LEFT. He has and always will be Kid Cudi we heard from his mixtape to the wzrd album.

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    Yeah, well if you have to tell people that you are the same person you used to be its because their perception of you has changed and perception is reality. He changed it up and made some different sounding shit. Nothing wrong with that, not my cup of tea, but who am i to tell a successful musician what to do?

    The point is, to me, this sounds like the Cudi i remember from back in the day, and i like it.

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