The 10 Best Redheads in Music Right Now

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The role of the redhead in popular culture has often been that of the victim or the laughing stock. Just think of all those poor children in M.I.A.’s “Born Free” video, or the hatred and vitriol poured forth upon the poor boy who suggested that gingers do have souls. Frank Ocean’s coming out letter struck a huge blow against bigotry, but I couldn’t help but think, when will someone do┬ásomething for all the poor redheads?

Well, here are the artists who are going to storm the last bastion of discrimination left in the music industry. Here are the 10 Best Redheads in Music Right Now.

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  • gerardo

    La Sera ?

  • Daniel

    Wow no Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club?

  • offbeat

    no WAY you can put elly jackson over trey… cmon.

  • James

    No Brett Dennen or Jenny Lewis. But you were limited to 10 names so I guess it’s fair.

  • Apple

    No Glen Hansard from The Swell Season/The Frames ??

  • based


  • Confusion

    Kitty Pryde is beautiful and wonderful, but we still need to hear more music before we’d feel comfortable adding her to this elite crowd.

  • Damo

    No Josh Homme? No Glen Hansard? No way!

  • B. Fuddled

    no Active Child?

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