11 Musicians Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

PP CELEBCARTOONS 2 11 Musicians Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters

Music is entertainment, and a lot of the artists doing it big are more than just entertainers—they are characters. We’d argue that many of them deserve their own cartoon shows, but it looks like some of these rappers, rock stars, and singers already have animated counterparts. Just see below.

By Alex Haldi

  • Derp

    wow….a lot of these look nothing like each other

  • http://www.zecatalist.com greg w locke

    “Exactly” probably isn’t the right word though, is it?

  • Confusion

    I literally can’t tell which one is the cartoon and which one is the real person.

  • Joyce

    @Confusion trolololol

  • http://www.rateeveryanimal.com Rate Every Animal

    I’ve never even heard of some of these musicians. What genre is Panthero?

  • http://www.rahhhoward.co Rah hoWard


  • http://www.whyd.com/tony Tony Hymes

    the drake one is awesome

  • RIBZ

    Stupidest shit.

  • http://g doodoo

    this is why this website sucks

  • https://twitter.com/JayB_ jaydakid

    I have so much faith in this site. Let’s evolve the content a bit.

  • Joel

    Seal and Panthero, that’s gold!! haha.

  • Phrrrp

    Jay-Z will never smoke again.

  • Confusion

    This post was really funny to me. I thought it was a solid piece of content. But I know what you mean, and we try to balance this type of shit with more thoughtful pieces. If you’ve got ideas for content, email me. I love getting suggestions.

  • Boffo

    Clara doesn’t look anywhere near like a Native American.

  • http://deadspin Eddie Gaedel

    Ever notice that Bruno Mars looks like Larry the Cucumber?

  • adventuretimegeek

    CRAPPY!! =3

  • Guest

    This was the most retarded article I’ve ever read in my entire life, and I read the onion.

  • Logan the Terror

    I hope this idiot didn’t get paid to write this crap

  • wtf

    what the f*** did i just see? thank god its free

  • Roxtaf

    Well this sucked….

  • maryjane92490

    I thinks hilarious!

  • Freddy

    holy shitballs, I could do a better job while asleep with a tree stump up my ass.