25 Hilarious Tweets About Lupe Fiasco’s Alien Encounter

lupe 25 Hilarious Tweets About Lupe Fiascos Alien Encounter

Yesterday, Lupe Fiasco brought up his alien encounter in an interview, inspiring us to hit Photoshop and imagine what the whole experience must have looked like. Lupe has some hardcore fans and some hardcore haters, and both hit Twitter to react to this story. Do you believe Lupe? Is he crazy? Have you ever had aliens implant anything inside your body?

  • PancakeMcKennz

    That new mixtape “Close Encounters of the 1st and 15th Kind” is definitely coming this winter.

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Jon Tanners

    Job well done, Pancake. Job well done.

  • Age 19

    I wish i could like Pancakes comment. Like, literally. Can ya get on dat, P&P?

  • http://edrm.tumblr.com J Cruz

    “Close encounters of the 1st and 15th kind”
    drop that ASAP