Album Stream: Death Grips – “NO LOVE DEEP WEB”


Here is a story about Death Grips, their record label, and their forthcoming album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB. It began when Death Grips seemed to be concerned about their album’s release date…

So, taking matters into their own hands, they decided that…

… at around…

They even decided to share the tracklisting…

Clearly, no fucks were given by Death Grips at any point in time throughout this entire ordeal…

So, as a result, here’s NO LOVE DEEP WEB . Stream it in its entirety and download below.

UPDATE: Death Grips claims that Epic took down their website. According to Pitchfork, the label denies taking the site down.



  • Age 19

    Relevant warning: The album cover is a dick.

  • yo

    they’re the realest for this

  • Confusion

    Do you think the label is in on it? Seems like a very public way of doing this.

  • Jon Tanners

    Even if it’s a label ploy, it’s pretty bold to throw a dick up on the cover.

  • Confusion

    I guess, except it’s a “cover” that isn’t gonna be in stores. It’s just a picture of a dick. And DG’s whole thing seems to be about making people uncomfortable, so it kinda makes sense. Idk. I think the whole thing makes sense, but I do wonder how it all played out behind the scenes.

    To be honest, either way I think DG signed to a major too early. And I think those guys are smart enough to know what would happen when they signed. If this is all real, it’s like come on guys, you’re upset bc the label isn’t putting your album out on time? Especially an album like this, which clearly isn’t going to have any chart-toppers? Now you’re going to go on Twitter and Facebook and make a big scene out of scheduling the leak of your own album. I don’t know. I’m not sure I’m totally with it. If you’re gonna be like “fuck the label!” why’d you sign with a major?

  • Jon Tanners


  • Mic

    I’m surprised Death Grip found a label willing (initially at least) to release his stuff in the first place. Sorry guys, but his music is really difficult to get into.

  • Relyt

    Well Death Grips planned on releasing two albums this year. And with The Money Store physical copy was a sticker that said No Love coming Fall 2012. Epic wanted to push the album back and Death Grips, being a group that’s just in it for the music and doesn’t care what anyone thinks, said fuck you and just released it themselves and made their own release date. Idk I thought it was really cool of them to leak it themselves

  • Confusion

    That might be the case. There also might be more to the story. Stay tuned.

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