Gucci Mane’s 10 Most Absurd Lines

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gucci lead Gucci Manes 10 Most Absurd Lines

As the inimitable Gucci Mane readies his upcoming Trap God mixtape, the Atlantan emcee’s been on a bit of a hot streak. Singles “El Chapo,” “Bussin Juugs,” and “Fuck the World” delivered the street existentialism, uniquely illustrative drug raps, and occasional pathos that made Gucci’s early mixtape material so compelling. Of course, none of these songs would feel like proper Gucci affairs without the emcee’s trademark absurd witticisms and punchlines. Lyrics like, “You arguin’ bout a bitch and she’s a god damn slut/What? And now your car’s shot up/Beefin’ bout a bitch with a glued on butt” from “Bussin Juugs” serve as reminders of Gucci’s particular gift for breathing morbid comedy and near surrealist imagery into what, in the hands of other rappers, would simply be ordinary material.

Take a few minutes to join us on a journey through some of Gucci Mane’s most absurd lines as we eagerly await Trap God.

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