Gucci Mane’s 10 Most Absurd Lines

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As the inimitable Gucci Mane readies his upcoming Trap God mixtape, the Atlantan emcee’s been on a bit of a hot streak. Singles “El Chapo,” “Bussin Juugs,” and “Fuck the World” delivered the street existentialism, uniquely illustrative drug raps, and occasional pathos that made Gucci’s early mixtape material so compelling. Of course, none of these songs would feel like proper Gucci affairs without the emcee’s trademark absurd witticisms and punchlines. Lyrics like, “You arguin’ bout a bitch and she’s a god damn slut/What? And now your car’s shot up/Beefin’ bout a bitch with a glued on butt” from “Bussin Juugs” serve as reminders of Gucci’s particular gift for breathing morbid comedy and near surrealist imagery into what, in the hands of other rappers, would simply be ordinary material.

Take a few minutes to join us on a journey through some of Gucci Mane’s most absurd lines as we eagerly await Trap God.

Did we miss something? Suggest your favorite absurd Gucci Mane lines in the comments.

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  • http://soundcloud/ smiz metropoliz

    No next button *blown* good read

  • Dre Prince

    the lyric is “I just shitted on your ride”

  • marc

    tanners god did that, so hopefully you ain’t have to go through that

  • Lilbro3

    P and P I thank you for this.

  • yoyo

    ur thinking about the jester one backwards, kings used to execute unfunny / offensive jesters

  • yoyo

    and its ‘sold more rocks than a rock pit’ gucci doesnt think rocks sell rocks

  • Jon Tanners

    Fixed. It appears Gucci’s got one up on me in the medieval scholarship department.

  • MrSpacely_

    “Shittin on these niggas so I think I need a pull-up. Blue diamonds blind you every time I dig a booger.” -Drink it Straight ft. Trey Songz

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  • Candy

    I love gucci and his work. No matter what the fuck negative shit people got to say about him he’s still workin doing shows, puttin out mixtapes (can’t wait 4 the album), doing features, puttin out videos and getting fuckin paid. I’m pretty sure he can do wat the fuck he want when he want cuz money talks and bullshit walks. stop the fuckin hatin and get yo life cuz it looks like he got his and he’s laughin to the bank so bitches catch up or beat it. He’s always doin charity events in his community but no one ever wants to talk about the good in people people always wanna bring out the bad in person. Thats why he on his fuck the world shit. Go suck a big Fat SICK DICK!

  • Candy

    O and he’s handsome and he can dress his ass off lol

  • J-dub

    these are like the 10 least absurd gucci lines!! wtf guys? how can u miss “me and my top beefin- and I don’t really wanna see him.” or “red watch with the red chain, my diamonds on they period.” or “Got money stacks as tall as you cuz that’s just my persona.” ?

  • J-dub

    It seems like you’re trying to make his writing seem dumb in this article. And Gucci’s writing is anything but! To me he’s one of the cleverest in the game- And his overall approach is more akin to Samuel Beckett than a lot of haters would like to admit i think.

  • Jon Tanners

    @J-dub: Perhaps my tone didn’t afford Gucci the level of respect you and I agree he deserves, but I don’t believe that “absurd” and “clever” are mutually exclusive.

  • Maverick

    I admit Gucci can go a little overboard. I personally like listening to him cuz he makes me laugh alot. But this line makes sense in a rapper kind of way. In medivial times, A king would call for a jester to make him laugh when he was moody, and if he’s not pleased with the jokes the jester makes, he cuts his head off. so basically gucci is metarphorically comparing himself to a king who laughs but still goes ahead and cuts the jester’s head off. which in a rapper kind of way makes sense as a part of hip hop rap culture is using wordplay to brag about how tough you are..

  • 212Thraxxx

    my nigga gucci still on top of the trap!

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