The 25 Best Songs Under 2 Minutes

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In all forms of art and expression, sometimes less is more. There’s an art to getting right to the point, chopping off all the extra and presenting an idea as succinctly as possible. In music, this often means the sub-2:00 song. These tracks often get dismissed as interludes or filler, but sometimes they’re anything but that. Here are the 25 best songs that clock in at 2:00 or less.

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  • MP_R

    Respect for No.6, when i saw the name of the feature Accordion was the first that came to mind.

  • CatastrophePersonality

    Radiohead’s “I Will” was part of the twisted sound of “Like Spinning Plates” on Amnesiac.

  • gner

    I cannot believe the “Da Rockwilder” is not on this list…

  • offbeat

    great choice with the white stripes. huuuge track

  • kannon

    The Foreign Exchange – Valediction

  • griff

    Mos Def’s “Priority” should be on here as well

  • Monarch

    gner, I believe that “Da Rockwilder” clocks in at something like 2:19?
    Valediction is 2:01, which rules out The Foreign Exchange.
    And griff, “Priority” is certainly on the honorable mentions list, a beast of a track.

  • Paul Darwin Picklrsimer

    Lil B – August 17th def high on my list. Buy I’m Thraxx at any cost

  • Tom Danks

    NO BLACK FLAG?! Da fuck!

  • Andy

    Earl’s song should have been “dat ass”

  • baction ronson

    Dreamer by Action Bronson should have been here, that song is wayy to short

  • Jesse

    REFUSED PARTY PROGRAM should be on this list.

  • Legit

    YES for Priority being on here. Shit made me smile lol.

  • Max Brilhart

    I knew Carrot Flowers would be here, and I’m really glad. I also wish ‘Mansard Roof’ was on here, but it’s 2:07.

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