The 35 Best Songs About Drugs

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Drugs. Muse, enhancement, and, often, tragic thief of lives. Music’s history is deeply intertwined with narcotics of all kinds: singers opining about the joys and perils of marijuana, cocaine, and a whole host of other narcotics (not to mention alcohol, another topic with its own storied collection of songs for another day) further back than recorded sound can attest. Cataloging the best sampling of songs about drugs is a tall order, with a rich body of work already in existence and new tracks coming out at breakneck speed.

Check out 35 of our favorite odes, warnings, and meditations about music’s old companion, drugs.

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  • ThePeachFactory

    + Golden Brown by The Stranglers

  • castor7dre

    really? No Macklemore “Other side”? that song is hauntingly powerful. Or “starting over” from the new album? One of those should definitely be on there.


    dafuck no MF DOOM my favourate ladies

  • PRES10

    I would have tripped if Drug Ballad by Eminem wasnt on here..good work P&P!

  • Sean

    How is there no Wiz on here? Haha I know it’s only pot and alcohol, but one of his songs is deserving enough to be on here!

  • CrunchCaptain

    i got five on it

  • mike

    swimming pools should have definitely been on this list. as well pool shark by sublime.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I had absolutely no idea “Brown Sugar” was about drugs.

    One of my favorite drug songs is “27” by Fall Out Boy. It’s about the “27 Club” — aka that age where a lot of rock stars die, mostly from substance abuse.

  • Joel

    it’s top 35 songs about DRUGS, that’s why weed isn’t included. Loving the main picture on here, hoping it was created in photoshop though Con… or do you have something to tell us..

  • Joanna

    no Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

  • teck

    Songs about drugs not “weed” what the fuck is weed???

  • Confusion

    ahha @teck you have a point…

  • newclubremixes

    funny, nelly just got caught with heroin too.

  • Confusion

    Revising list. Including all of Country Grammar. Reinterpreting lyrics reveals all songs actually about heroin.

  • Pizza

    What about Me & My Drank – Lil wayne

  • polly

    no Mr.Brownstone from Gn’r ??

  • Theo

    Nothing from Cage & Tameone from Waterworld? That whole album is about pcp.

  • Confusion

    That album is great, not sure if there’s one track that jumps out as one of the best stacked up against what we’ve got on this list. “Delerium” “Follow The Liters” “Dead” are my shit though.

  • gerardo

    how about beetlebum from blur ?

  • Tim

    Just happy RHCP “Under the Bridge” was on the list. That’s the first song that came to mind. So powerful

  • paige

    Afroman-Because I Got High

  • Confusion

    Thought about that one. Kinda corny though.

  • paige

    Well yeah but I also don’t take weed very seriously.

  • paige

    Oh and also what about Marilyn Manson-The Dope Show?

  • Bobby

    Home is where the hatred is – Gil Scott Heron

  • 0++0

    i started to get hella worried that you guys omitted VU’s “heroin”, alas it is here. i can not understate how much emotion this song elicited in me, even long before friends of mine became entrenched in the shit.

  • Oss

    Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl??

  • ka5enc

    T9X – Tech N9ne…come on

  • Latest

    I was like “PHEW” when i saw jefferson and underground, it’s definitely a broad topic but if i had to add two more, they would be:

    Buffy Sainte Marie – Cod’ine

    Jackie Chain/Kid Cudi- Rollin [Remix]

  • lolly

    brown eyed girl is ok

  • JRoc

    This list is crap without Queens of the Stone Age’s “Feelgood Hit of The Summer”.

  • gooner420

    K’s choice – not an addict would be a great song for this list! I also agree with afroman – cause I got high. Good list tho

  • smilky

    There she goes by the La’s is a great song about heroin everyone forgets.

  • drewpy

    Purple pills by D12

  • freakchick39

    lol just as I was wondering if u remembered n included this song

  • Larred

    A good song on drug addiction and recovery is called Coming Home by Christopher Scott and the Imposters

  • JimBean

    Feeling so high you want to die? What? Lil wayne was referring to the withdrawals after the drugs wore off. Whoever wrote this article obviously has no idea how addiction affects a person. Making a list of the best songs about drugs should be done by a person who has experienced the abyss of addiction. Ugh…

  • David Gonzalez (PDR)

    Move That Dope, y’all.

  • Red Alize Liddell

    Novacane by Frank Ocean is a good song as well about crack and Fire by Twista feat. Lil Boosie which is about weed.

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