Video: Lana Del Rey – “Ride”


With the “Paradise Edition” of Born To Ride out in November, we were excited to hear “Ride.” We knew that a video was due out, but weren’t aware it’d be a 10 minute opus (which she premiered for hundreds of her fans at a theater in Santa Monica on October 10th), looking like an extended commercial for Sons of Anarchy. The intro itself is over three minutes, and there’s an extended outro thing. If you believe in the freedom of the open road, or just like staring at Lana for 10 minutes, enjoy.


  • Stuart

    what a load of shite. Gonna have to go and listen to that song she did with Bobby Womack to remind myself that she does actually have some talent…

  • -____-

    *Born To Die

  • kboyo

    sheesh. she’s so pretty and i hate her music. I’ll be damned if this biker prostitute song didn’t just grow on me over the course of 10 minutes.

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