Who Did it Best? 7 Takes on One Sample

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There is no genre of music that embraces competition as openly as hip-hop. Diss songs, battles, and bragging rights all add an exciting element to the world of rap that doesn’t exist in other scenes. In the spirit of that competition, we’ve decided to dig into one of our favorite samples and pit seven rappers against each other to decide who did it best.

By Khal, Jon and Con

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  • steve

    MORE POSTS LIKE THIS PLEASE this was awesome

  • Eric

    this post is very great. I’m also waiting on another “Quotes To Live By”, cause that was dope with Jay-Z

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I like Joey Badass’s rendition on “Catharsis”. May not be the best of your choices, but whatevs.


    sean price is beast

  • http://www.twitter.com/bobdooz Dooz

    The Asher, Pace Won, and Dom O Briggs tracks are all just the same Madlib-produced instrumental originally from Pace Won’s “I Declare War”.

  • darion

    this guys are annoying hipsters, notice how on every countdown the artist just gets more obscure and underground asa the count goes up

  • Confusion

    @Darion your comment sucks. There was a comment on the blog from a couple years ago by a guy named Darion and it was WAY better. It’s very rare and hard to find though.

  • ben

    You missed Joey Badass on a j- dilla beat, the song is called catharsis

  • HypeLikeMike

    I’m confused, is it who spit the best over the sample or who did a better job sampling?

  • Confusion

    Both things considered. Best song made from that sample, overall

  • BB

    Brilliant post!

  • E.J.

    All of these songs are cool but nobody really flipped the sample to make it sound any different from how other people sampled it.

  • NickleNine

    You guys nailed this.

  • JayRoBog

    Joey Badass does well on this.

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