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Benzi – Girl Trapz, Vol. 2

Back in September, superstar DJ Benzi dropped his first Girl Trapz mix, which featured a number of popular tracks getting the Trap treatment by a bevy of talented producers. He’s still on that, and today dropped... Read more »

Boy Kid Cloud – “I Would Die For U (Prince Cover)”

A day after hearing a stripped-down version of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.,” we now provide you with a turnt-up version of Prince‘s “I Would Die 4 U” from Boy Kid Cloud, who’s gotten his share of praise... Read more »

Watch Dirty Projectors Perform a Live Acoustic Set

The normally multi-layered and brilliantly complex Dirty Projectors recently switched things up a bit to put on an acoustic set at Spinner’s The Interface last week. The group performed four songs off their latest LP, Swing... Read more »

Video: Danny Brown & Andrew WK Give Advice on Partying

Just look at those faces. When it comes to partying, there may be no artists more knowledgeable than Danny Brown and Andrew WK. Noisey linked up with the two for some party advice. Also, Danny Brown explains... Read more »

Listen to Branchez’s Live Mix on Sway in the Morning

Manhattan producer Branchez has been making waves over the past few months with his particular brand of trap production, so it’s nice to see him get recognition somewhere other than the blogosphere. Branchez stopped by Shade... Read more »

Canada Caps File-Sharing Fines at $5,000

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of people getting hit with outlandish fines for doing what so many consumers have now become accustomed to doing: illegally downloading music. These cases have been taken to court and... Read more »

Stepson (El-P & Nick Diamonds) – “Movie Tit”

El-P and Nick Diamonds (The Unicorns, Islands) collaborated on Cancer For Cure‘s “Stay Down,” and now the duo is making it official by declaring themselves Stepson. Here’s their first track, “Movie Tit,” featuring some heavy production... Read more »

Nautic – “Fixxx”

Gorgeous, dreamy, 80s tinged electronic pop from the trio of producer Bullion, singer Laura Groves and Tic. Bullion’s fantastic production, which we were raving about on his EP earlier this year, is in full effect, and the... Read more »

Rick Ross – “100 Black Coffins”

Quentin Tarantino’s highly-anticipated forthcoming film, Django Unchained, will be out on Christmas day. If you know Tarantino, then you’ll know that he’s got a knack for masterfully pairing a scene with the perfect music. Our first... Read more »

Listen To Toro Y Moi’s Boiler Room Party Mix

Party goers at the Boiler Room Los Angeles were recently treated to a live DJ session by chill wave aficionado Toro Y Moi. The 55 minute performance was both recorded and filmed, giving those of us... Read more »