10 Living Music Legends You Should Know

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Music Legends

In a musical world full of stars and up-and-comers, when all it takes is a viral video to rocket you from bedroom wanna-be to stadium demigod, it’s easy to forget about the people who made it big before the age of YouTube and instant communication. Many of the artists have become household names, legends like Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Paul McCartney, Rev Run, Madonna, but what about the legends that never garnered such name recognition?

Every year we lose some legends, and when that “People We’ve Lost” slideshow runs every year at the Grammys, nearly 75% of those artists are completely unknown to a lot of viewers. The people that laid the foundation for the contents of our music libraries don’t always get the credit they deserve. The least we can do is try to appreciate the work of these veterans while they’re still alive.

Here are 10 Living Music Legends You Should Know.

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  • zack

    your protruding advertisement made me not want to look at this past number 3

  • @the_dfama

    good stuff

  • odbc

    Great post. Was this centered around “lesser known” artists or what?

  • Monarch

    Yes, It was. Tried to stick to the artists that aren’t household names.

  • AlecDawesome

    Who doesn’t know Buddy Guy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ecofunkpicks eli

    Dont forget Ike Stubbenfield. My new favorite b3 player since i saw him in New Orleans

  • http://desmondcarter.tumblr.com d.Carter

    Oooooooooooooo! When I heard Clyde Stubblefield’s drum break, I got out of my seat. Too nice!

  • simto

    eeerrrhhhh……Chuck Berry?

  • Confusion

    We figured most people know Chuck Berry. Also, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all living music legends. Just a chance to highlight 10. Chuck Berry is most definitely a legend.

  • Dom McLennon

    Dude Blowfly is like the original basedgod

  • P. Williams


  • basedbuddah

    Lee “Scratch” Perry!

  • http://flomela.wordpress.com T

    I suppose all female music legends are dead?

  • Jale

    Um, George Clinton? (the most sampled artist on the planet?)

  • Bongo Muffin

    You know a documentary was made about Lee Scratch Perry…

  • Guest

    “Orchestral orchestrations”


  • KamAintShit

    I thought you were joking at first….and then I saw it. Wow.

    But to their credit, I found the phrasing “absurd guitar talent” particularly redeeming. I don’t know why, but I fuck with that pretty heavy.

    So it all averages out ok.

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