40 People Who Are Thankful For Chief Keef

chief keef 40 People Who Are Thankful For Chief Keef

When picking your Thankful Tweet on Thanksgiving, you’ve got many options. Most people go with the obvious and sure-fire wins: family, friends, significant others, health. Others add something zany in the mix to draw in a couple LOLs: “I’m thankful for family, friends, and the hot neighbor who always takes off her clothes by the window! #titties”

And then there are those who are just thankful for Chief Keef. The pilgrims would be proud.

  • Age 19

    Chief Keef is just a terrible person. Perpetuates Chicago youth gun violence and is a WorldStarHip-Hop poster boy. I think, if even ironically, there’s too much bad air around to support him. I mean, the fucker laughed at somebody’s death. Still can’t forget that imo.

    Sorry for getting serious doe. Happy Thanksgiving brosephs!

  • Crunch

    Some of these would be pretty funny if they weren’t posted in a serious manner. Pretty sad that p.o.s. is what they’re thankful for. Bang bang

  • Confusion

    Beautiful friends, weird fam, small animals, drugs, and Chief Keef. #3hunna

  • gk

    lol cut chief keef some slack. he isn’t perpetuating anything that wouldn’t be there anyways. he is a product of that chicago youth gun violence culture and he’s literally a kid. he makes good music. let him do that first.

  • @BattleCrane

    I agree with Age 19. SMH at Chief Keef

  • jack wilson

    follow Me @lilsosavage #300