Advice For Anyone Who Wants to Work in the Music Industry

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carousel Advice For Anyone Who Wants to Work in the Music Industry

If you love music the way I love music, you’ve probably said at one point in your life, “I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I know I want to work in the music industry.” If you’re old enough, you’ve also probably realized how ugly this can turn unless you happen to be in the very small percentage of people who still believe the world revolves around them like some magical carousel of free will, opportunity, luck, and advantage. For the rest of us, it gets complicated.

As with any industry that involves the clash of art and business, the world of music as a money-making operation involves a lot of competition, sacrifice, and a constantly shaken sense of balance. There are people who care more about business than the art and sadly, much of the time those are going to be the successful ones. You can talk about passion all day, but unless you can put it into a fucking Powerpoint and show someone how to make money off it, you’re about as appealing as a post-Y2K hippie with an offensive odor and peace sign.

But there is hope.

It’s true that many of the successful people in the music industry are the cutthroat ones with a sharp business sense and a disregard for the artistry, but many of the most successful people are the ones who understand both sides. The women and men who combine an honest passion for music with an understanding of the constantly changing industry in which they operate are the ones who can inspire, rally, and lead the way into the future.

Since you’re reading this, the assumption is that you’ve got the passion. Arm yourself with as much information, as much perspective, and as much advice as you possibly can. You’ve got a world of insider info at your fingertips like never before, and even if you’re just some kid with a good ear and a dream, you can become surprisingly well-versed in the industry if you do a little digging. Here’s a starting point. Here are 8 videos you should watch if you want to work in the music industry.

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