Album Stream: Sufjan Stevens – “Silver and Gold”

Over the past few weeks, Sufjan Stevens has left a trail of gloriously weird bread crumbs leading up to the full release of his five-volume Silver & Gold–a near three hour tour-de-force of holiday celebration and rumination that is, remarkably, Stevens’ second five-volume collection of songs about Christmas. As with his state-inspired albums, Michigan and Illinoise, and his recent album The Age of Adz, Stevens attacks his choice of material with a level of dedication, knowledge, and quirk almost unparalleled in music, a self-contained genre in world of sounds and unusual ideas.

Even if Christmas music isn’t your cup of tea, Silver & Gold is worth a spin for fans of Stevens or listeners looking for an unusual end of year soundtrack.



  • Philip McGann

    Dude likes Christmas.

  • Confusion

    Understatement of the year goes to Philip McGann.