Download Captain Murphy’s “Duality” Mixtape


Last week we got the debut mixtape from the mysterious Captain Murphy. Whoever it is behind the act, they aren’t making it easy for fans—the tape was released via a continuous video stream. If you want to listen but you’re sick of streaming that video over and over, or listening to rips, Captain Murphy has finally tweeted out a download link. Grab the tape below while you can.


  • PancakeMcKennz

    There we go

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  • Greeg

    I don’t mean to sound entitled, but I hope someone, somewhere chops these up into separate song.

  • Damian

    By Wednesday I should have these chopped up. Look for it on Youtube.

  • AGBeast8

    This is delicious.

  • fcukmymind

    @Damian what is your YouTube channel? i want this as a zip/rar as seperate tracks :( , if anyone does please post a link pleeeeeease

  • poop mids

    How could chopping this up take multiple days? I had it completed within an hour and a half of the release in 256 quality.

  • anonimust

    thank you poop mids

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