Video: Florence Welch Sings “Gimme Shelter” With The Rolling Stones


Florence Welch may seem reserved, but here’s what happens when she’s on stage with Mick Jagger. She joined The Rolling Stones in London at The O2 Arena and wasn’t about to have her energy outdone by a band that’s been around since the ’60s.


  • Cole

    further proof that Florence Welch is actually a goddess

  • Viv

    Florence is an amazing performer.
    I just love the moment at the end when she hugs everybody…and when Keith Richards kisses her hand (and she kisses his hand back)…She always gives me the impression of being a sweet girl.

  • adiek84

    I’ve seen her live on Friday in Düsseldorf – she is a Goddess! XD Her vocals were mindblowing and the way she performs the songs is so unique. She was also very sweet to some die hard fans who brought her presents. Not arrogant or untouchable like some diva.

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