Hear Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” With Lady Gaga


We’ve known for a while that Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga collaborated, but according to Gaga, Kendrick’s team wanted to make changes to the track that she wasn’t comfortable with. As a result, she didn’t end up on his album, but tonight she took to Twitter to share the version of “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” with her vocals in place. Check it out below. Which version do you think is better?


  • JCE1236

    this would’ve been a nice touch.. dope song regardless

  • Craig

    I’m glad they went with the version that was used for the album. This was decent but would have felt out of place.

  • http://twitter.com/itsivanibarra management

    agree with Craig, would’ve felt out of place. however, Gaga should definitely make a full version of this with her own vocals, would be a pretty dope song to hear it from her perspective

  • Age 19

    Out of place in the album, but awesome. Someone should mix her vocals better on this track, hell I would spin both.

  • Merk

    agree with the sentiments above… out of place and almost seems a little forced. I think Gaga has found her place on a number of solid hip hop tracks but this isn’t one of them. I fux with the track as is on gkmc.


    It’s just a demo so If it was mixed, I would probably like it better. The album version is perfect tho. It seems more fluid with Anna on the hook imo.

  • CP

    SO bad i hated this. definitely wouldve taken away from the mood of the song and album. im fine with blending genres, but this wasnt good.

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  • AG Beast

    This is a decent version, definitely not better than the album one though.

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