In the Time Since Dr. Dre’s Detox Was Announced…


Six Empire State Buildings could have been completed

On January 22, 1930 excavation of the site of the Empire State Building began. The building was completed and opened to the public on May 1, 1931, a little less than a year and a half later. In the time since Dr. Dre “broke ground” on Detox, workers using the methods and technologies of 1930 could have built a whopping six complete Empire State Buildings. Not only has Dre not released Detox in the last ten years, he also hasn’t built even one building as big as the Empire State Building. Ridiculous, Dre.

  • Rob HM

    You make a good point with Kanye right there.

  • E.J.

    #1 is the best. lol

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Dre’s not releasing Detox until everyone has a pair of Beats headphones.

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  • Andre Defiant

    He should just sell the album for $100 and include a pair of Beats with every copy. Force everyone to listen to it his way.

  • Confusion

    He should just release it on April Fool’s and when u open the package it’s just a note that says, “JK LOL DETOX ROFL – Dre”

  • Edgar

    People believe that the rap game changing is a big reason why Dr. Dre can’t seem to drop the album because he probably feels like his genre of rap is over and done with really? Really Dre? Kush was a hit everyone bumped that track for a minute and that was some g shit what does it matter if these fggot ass skinny pants and snapback wearing fags who are so into wiz khalifa and drake don’t like your album? Do record sells really concern you? Your rich as fuck already by just putting your name on some dope headphones that promote themselves stop slacking it and drop the album you want not the one that pop culture wants your Dr Dre not lil Wayne!!!

  • Bobby

    This would make sense if Dr. Dre didn’t create the most successful headphones/speakers brand with Beats. He hasn’t been sleeping. He’s making more money doing big business than cranking out an album. He could probably put out 100+ legitimate albums with the amount of work he has on deck.

  • Confusion

    You implying that Dre hasn’t made Detox because he’s been soo busy in the lab creating those Beats headphones? Or that he’s made enough money off of his involvement with Beats that he’s not motivated enough to focus on music? Very different things. Not mad at Dre at all for his success, but can’t help but to give him a hard time for dangling Detox over fans’ heads for so long.

  • Monster

    I doubt Dre’s concerned about how a new west coast rap album will be received. GKMC is essentially that at brass tax and everyone but Shyne is praising it. Some small part of me wishes that he just sits on this forever and never releases it though. The hype and anticipation is so immense that I’m not even sure he could live up to the expectation at this point. Detox is the rap game’s unicorn.

  • franko sinatra

    hahahahaha…lil poopy…that child always cracks me up

  • 6ix

    Snoop Dogg turned into a lion

  • Confusion

    haha yes!

  • BL

    People seem to forget that his son died not too long ago.

  • http://pigeonsandplanes ros haughton

    hurry tha fuk up wae this god dam album

  • sraczka

    dobra kurwa ja czekam na plyte chady pierdoli mnie jakis dr dre kurwa

  • Brandon Kaplan

    I can actually appreciate the humor in this. P&P hah!

  • Sean Blake

    How do you live up to a decade of hype?

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