Interview: Action Bronson Talks Vaporizers, His Albanian Background, and “Rare Chandeliers”

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2012 was a good year for Action Bronson. He picked up a cult following and enough buzz to land a deal with VICE Records. While some rappers might polish themselves into nicely packaged mainstream rap stars, Bronson has maintained the gritty style and slick rhymes that made us fans in the first place. He’s a rapper’s rapper, trading catchy choruses and accessible sing-alongs for non-stop flows and densely packed quotables. Today he keeps it moving with his Alchemist-produced free project, Rare Chandeliers.

Bronson took some time out (while watching women’s body-building) to talk to us about who he wants to work with, how being Albanian has shaped his outlook, and a few things you wouldn’t expect.

Interview by Mustafa Abubaker

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    Bronson should totally stop smoking and start using his vaporizer more often ,) at least his vaporizer will give him a healthier voice while he raps ,) big Ups to Bronson!!

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