Mixtape: Captain Murphy – “Duality”


While we can’t guarantee if you’ll definitively know who Captain Murphy is, we can categorically tell you that you’ll be entranced in this 35-minute video mixtape. It features everything you’ve heard from him if you’ve been keeping up with the Captain Murphy leaks. If not, dive into some dope music by artists you probably know set to videos of cult members and other assorted NSFW material. You’ve been warned.


  • JCE1236

    This is not one person

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Jon Tanners

    Nah it is, it’s me.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    That was pretty good. Is there a download of that?

  • Confusion

    Haven’t seen one yet but we’ll update if they drop one.

  • dannytanner

    sounds like some GolfWang

  • JP

    Mad lib I guest

  • seaburt

    probably lil b

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com jamarcus garvey

    my guess was always Flying Lotus because of the dark voice and some lyrical clues, but it could just be a random bro

    haven’t listened to this yet. i’d be into a download link, but eager to be immersed in the full visual experience

  • Owen

    Fuck thats awesome

  • Rob HM

    It seems pretty obvious to me that it’s FlyLo. But I kinda hope I’m wrong!

  • Jello

    Charles Hamilton is back!

  • odbc


  • http://Audio-Dope.tumblr.com Michael

    JAY ELEC!!!

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