Mixtape: Major Lazer Presents Chronixx & Walshy Fire – Start a Fyah

This one’s especially for the dancehall/reggae contingent out there. Major Lazer‘s Walshy linked up with a new artist who goes by the name of Chronixx for this special mixtape, featuring everything from his own original tracks to vocalling Major Lazer’s “Get Free.” He even dips back and touches Mad Lion’s “Take It Easy” instrumental. Dude sounds like he can go somewhere – he’s got a great voice, and knows how to ride a number of different styles. Turn up your afternoon with this one.

UPDATE Word from Mixmag is that this is the first of the new “Major Lazer Presents” mixtape series.


1. Start A Fyah
2. Warrior 3:44
3. Modern Warfare 6:32
4 Take it Easy Freestyle (Major Lazer) 10:19
5 Odd Ras Remix (Major Lazer) 13:15
6 ZJ Liquid Skit- Behind Curtain/Medly (Major Lazer) 17:11
7 When I see you 20:09
8 Ex 24:00
9 I am Chronixx 25:57
10 Stepping Hard 27:43
11 Chronixx Speaks/Perfect Tree 29:46
12 Plant it 34:32
13 Somewhere 36:00
14 Capatilist 38:34
15 No Love For You Freestyle (Major Lazer)
16 Free 43:30
17 Beat & A Mic 46:56
18 Rain Music 47:52
19 Di Youth Dem (Major Lazer) 51:00
20 Artchibella Freestyle (Major lazer) 55:00
21 Chronixx Speaks/They Dont know 58:10
22 Get Free Freestyle (Major Lazer) 1:03