PSY and MC Hammer Troll the World on the American Music Awards


In 2012, trolling reached an all-time high. At this point, it’s impossible to say exactly how far this is going to go. Like, if we were to chart this shit out, would trolling see its peaks and valleys, like my interest in my own health, or is this a never-ending rise as the world gets more tuned in to the art of trolling? Is there some inherent part of human nature that drives us to push trolling to its limit? Will this ultimately be the end of humanity, and will evolution morph us into little trollish forms who waddle around and poke things with our warty fingers? Nobody knows.

The year is almost done, but the trolling continues, and this year’s biggest troll goes to the American Music Awards—and no, it’s not for Bieber’s Best Artist of the Year award. They closed the show with PSY doing his viral hit with MC Hammer on stage. They both wore those saggy diaper pants, and by the end of it, I was half expecting a balloon drop, followed by Riff Raff and Lil B wearing swords strapped to their penises and skipping around the stage popping the balloons and beheading PSY’s back-up dancers. But I don’t know, I’m way ahead of the times and maybe that’s for 2015.

Watch PSY and MC Hammer below.

Or don’t.

  • castor7dre

    that was way better than I was imagining it to be


    how is this trolling at all?

  • Colbrane

    Yea I actually thought that was a decent little mixup considering the simple similarities of the songs and how huge they both were, the iconic dancing, having both kinda do hybrid versions of eachother’s little jivves. And how were they gonna end the AMERICAN music awards with a Korean Pop song without some kind of disclaimer, ya know. It wasn’t bad! highlight of the show IMO Hammer stays killin em.

  • Lamon

    Trolling? What exactly is being trolled?? That dude in the audience’s face right when MC Hammer comes on is priceless

  • Confusion

    People love getting trolled why do you think Riff Raff and Lil B are so popular? I can’t define it, but you know it when you see it. It’s not a COMPLETE joke, otherwise it wouldn’t be trolling. It’s the kind of half-joke thing that not everyone can get. Some people try to like it seriously, some people like it as a joke, and some people are extremely angered by it. If nobody is like “FUCK THIS IS SO BAD” and nobody is like “FUCK THIS IS SO AMAZING” then it’s not trolling.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I don’t see how this could upset anyone and elicit a “U MAD BRO?” That was a legitimately good performance. It was too legit.

  • Ethos

    Look at the two contrasting faces at 4:58. I think it sums up Confusion’s point perfectly.

  • Viv

    Totally Agree with Pancake: couldn’t repress my smile when I saw Hammer on stage.

  • Confusion

    P&P readership loves trolling.

  • w.m.j.

    4:16 old man is the true troll

  • Jei

    Does P&P even know what trolling is…? It seems like you do at times, but this?

  • Jon Tanners

    “Gangnam Style” is supposed to be satire, to the fact that Psy is basically riding to the top of the pop charts by making fun of some of the very people that are buying his music seems like a super troll move to me.

  • javi

    This was hilarious! I went as PSY for Halloween this year, went as MC Hammer in 4th grade, and was looking like a fool dancing along last night in front of my TV. I worked late at DISH last night when it was live, but I set PrimeTime Anytime to record, and caught the spectacle afterward. I don’t normally go for awards shows, but PTAT records every primetime show on all four major networks. My wife told me to watch it when I got home, and thought this was the perfect ending to an overall mediocre show.

  • CK

    No offense meant to any of P&P’s esteemed staff, but I have to heartily disagree that this was any sort of “trolling.” Urban D, the definitive source on these sort of matters IMO, defines a troll as “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument”. Taking the message board/newsgroup part out of it, I don’t think Psy/MC Hammer were doing something deliberately provocative in order to cause disruption and argument. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t think this is awesome unless they’re a hipster or a contrarian. My apologies for being a trolling hardo.

  • Confusion

    I am genuinely surprised that you guys don’t consider Psy and Hammer together trolling. I think there is a lot of subtle trolling going on that doesn’t come in the form of “provocative messages” because those are never the things that cause “maximum disruption.” Viral videos like “Friday” and that Thanksgiving song, and whatever you call Lil B and Riff Raff, to me, are the root of much more argument. I don’t think Psy brought Hammer out as some artistic statement or attempt to be creatively forward-thinking. It’s taking something that has developed into a kind of culturally embedded half-joke. And we call it “awesome” but it’s not the kind of thing that we’d seriously consider as “good music.” I stand by the trolling label.

  • Eric

    Psy and MC Hammer were actually interviewed together after the show, discussing the social impact of their “genre-twisting” performance

  • Age 19

    When you label such things as “subtle trolling”, Con, where trolling in itself is ridiculous jargon, it gets more complicated and the definition is really lost in itself.

    Psy’s song openly makes fun of society/things around him, (and the people that I guess would be genuinely angry at him would be racists on YouTube comment sections and trolls themselves) but it’s sincerely all in good fun, like a Beastie Boys video or something. Like, we don’t consider The Beastie Boys trolls when they rap about their suburbia, or dress up crazy stupid in their videos, right?

    If we compared this to the comments on a Lil B or Riff Raff video, where people who hear it agree that it’s inherently terrible to listen to and the fans are kinda just trolls themselves supporting and deadpanning it, saying TYBG or RAP GAME SINEAD O’CONNOR, then there lies the distinction and connotation. It obviously doesn’t sound like what Gangnam Style sounds like, which is practically an LMFAO song (I’m Sexy and I Know It, is that trolling? Ultimately, no).

    There’s always been openly comedic artists, or artists with a comedic edge that have otherwise been overlooked artistically, but have still been taken seriously. A big part of this depends on the environment that they’re put in as well. Bringing out MC Hammer was, contrary to what you said, partially brought out with an artistic statement in mind: this sort of dancey goofiness that’s still taken seriously and makes kinda total sense when you’re live and being casual at the AMA’s (not the Grammys, the AMA’s)

  • JeiSun

    Age 19 well said.

    Confusion wth man!?!? I just listened to 30secs of a Keke the cat and lil b… fuck i don’t know what to think anymore, I don’t know what is going on.

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