The 10 Best Guilty Pleasure Songs of 2012

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TKGuiltyPLeasureSongs The 10 Best Guilty Pleasure Songs of 2012

2012  is rolling to a close. Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away, stores have begun their annual Operation: Christmas Music 24/7, and the album release schedule shifts into holiday mode shortly. As we look back on 2012, we’ll remember a lot of things: the London Olympics, Barack Obama’s re-election, and, most importantly, our introduction to “Call Me Maybe.”

Some argue that there should be no such thing as a guilty pleasure—that  we like what we like and we should just accept it. But if you are whole-heartedly accepting everything that you enjoy without questioning it, you’re bound to end up a psychopathic, drug addicted hedonist. Some songs are corny, manufactured, cheap, obvious, and shallow. Still, they get stuck in our head, and sometimes we kind of like it. Does it make them great songs? No. But it does make them our favorite guilty pleasures.

We’re throwing dignity to the wind here. Only one rule: no “Gangnam Style” allowed.