The 10 Best Remixes of The Weeknd

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Like any popular new artist in the Internet era, The Weeknd has been remixed many times over. His original tracks end up leaving so much space in them that we can imagine most producers are sitting at the edge of their chairs, salivating with ideas of rearranging basslines and adding new sounds. With Trilogy in stores today, we decided to take a look back at the best examples of retwerking The Weeknd’s catalog, bringing deeply inspired edits and surprising twists to the masses.

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  • P. Williams


    The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence (The Lost Boys Remix)

  • C3POH

    Forgot Jacques Green remix of What You Need, Giraffage’s remix of The Morning and Babe Rainbow’s Drag remix of Loft Music

  • MD

    A weak list..missing Chi Duly and Schlomo remixes, some of the best…and more Sango mixes!

  • Dlux
  • Brian

    Yo… What abou that Chi Duly tape???

  • Bruce

    Rolling Stone (Grandtheft Extended Dub) my dude GT nails it

  • vinny
  • JS
  • TheOkayim

    Kind of surprised there wasn’t a chopped & screwed remix to this list especially since one was included in the top 10 Frank Ocean remixes. Here is, by far, the most soothing C&S remix of them all by OG RON C.

    The Weeknd ft. Drake – The Zone (Chopped-Not-Slopped) RMX

  • E. Johnson

    Everyone has different opinions but I thought “the zone” one was trash. ALL of the others are filthy tho.

  • Africa Hannibal

    IDK how Chi Duly didn’t make this list

  • Saf


  • karreXO

    best remix imo: same old song paper diamond remix !! dont sleep on this bruhs

  • Ms. Damned

    Lovely list. I think all the Sango remixes of Weeknd’s songs are perfect especially remixes to ‘The Fall’ and ‘The Morning’. I honestly think that ‘The Morning’ is so perfect nothing can kill or destroy this song.

  • ehowders

    Ke$ha’s Die Young (Deconstructed Mix):


  • drewsky

    The Hi-Yahs D.D. Remix

  • able

    @MD took the words out my mouth. not one shlohmo or chi duly! not to mention tokimonsta or melo-x… and sango’s ‘gone’ is off the chain! shame smh.

    and ps- what’s wit Abel fans not knowin’ he’s BEEN wanna work wit mister Hil…he said it years ago lol

  • Ben McManus
  • Yusof Nazari

    I know it was a bonus track on Kiss Land but Pharrell’s remix of wanderlust is up there with the weeknd’s best song’s in his discography. So fantastic.

  • Luisiana

    Often remixed by kygo ????

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