The 10 Best Videos of Rappers Getting Punched During Battles

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With the resurgence of rap battles going down (thank you, Loaded Lux), we were reflecting on what happens when a rapper is spitting some lines that hit close to home and might drive someone to do more than think of a witty retort about their mom, child, and/or pet. There have been some infamous instances of battle rapping gone wrong—revisit some of these classic clips, showcasing the art of over-emotion on the battlefield.

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  • juize box

    I need some furniture moved into my new apartment…I think BAD AZZ RAP BATTLES GONE BAD might be able to help me

  • aboynamedandy

    Would be cool if you could add the exact time said struggle rapper punches other struggle rapper.

  • khal

    I’ve added times to all but the last three.

  • Rick Saxby

    I thought the best one was the “Get out my face son” (no. 4). Nobody backed down or held people back. Very entertaining.

    -Rick Saxby,

  • mtume

    that tru tv shit is soooo od holy fuck thats funny

    racist but funny

  • Cam

    I appreciate making your website you can look my music up on youtube under big cam cincinnati and follow on twitter @BigCam_ink

  • Bash

    I hope you don’t mind me posting this (with proper credit given, of course) to Dope ass post.

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  • Notoriusnou

    This vidéo could’ve been in this compilation.
    2 Guys from montreal that really didn’t liked each other, a guy from Casse Croute click waited the last verse of JCC and dumped a cream pie in his face

    check out at 10:15

  • Latest

    as soon as i saw this post i thought “DONALD DUCK, MICKEY MOUSE, IMMA PUNCH YOU IN THE F*&%IN’ MOUTH!”

  • suckerpunch

    As funny as this shit is, this is not Worldstarhiphop and things like this should not be celebrated.

  • Confusion

    This post was done back in 2012 it was like the wild west out here on these internets our standards were very low and we had no respect for human life

  • K

    What is this Worldstar? GTFO

  • Michael Worthy

    LOL. I wouldn’t have respected this list if you didn’t have that Charles Hamilton on it. that was clownin

  • Sakeena

    …Joey Jihad, YouTube it.

  • Dan Scott

    the only one that seemd justified was math vs dose

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