The 15 Best Black Keys Songs

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Musically, 2012 has been one of the weirdest years yet. In a period where “Gangnam Style” is king, rappers’ cats are releasing singles, and trolling is the norm, it’s nice to know that there are still bands out there who have an appreciation for the sound and style of eras past and who believe consistency, showmanship, and creative control over the music they create is paramount to true success.

For the last decade Dan Auberbach and Patrick Carney have been producing some of the purest blues-laced garage rock in the business. Their story is all-American, but their path to success wasn’t easy. Regardless of the challenges they faced, the Akron, OH-born duo remained steadfast in their quest to achieve both critical and commercial popularity.

Not counting collaborations (Blakroc) or features (Rza’s “The Baddest Man Alive”) The Black Keys have seven complete albums and a few EPs to their credit. That’s nearly 100 songs to choose from. While so many are excellent, some still stand apart and have cemented The Black Keys’ spot as one of our times’ finest rock bands. Here are our picks for the 15 Best Black Keys songs.

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  • tyler

    The Lengths is their best song, in my opinion. One of my favorites ever. If you don’t know it, check it out.

  • Adnan

    DeaD and gone is my favorite

  • Nate

    “when the lights go out” is the blackest keys song though

  • Theo

    No lies, Remember when (a), so he won’t break, or Things ain’t like they used to be? Crazy

  • Andrew

    Tighten Up, are you serious? It’s hard to criticize any list of Black Keys songs but no way are Everlasting Light and Tighten Up top 15 material.

  • Monster

    This was a very tough list to assemble. Went back and forth a number of times revising and swapping tracks around. Ultimately based the picks on research and preference, and felt like this was an accurate representation of their best across the board. Wanted this to also be an educational piece for folks who aren’t familiar with the Keys, which means that some of their “best” would also have to account for some of their “most popular.” While that wasn’t the final deciding factor by any means, it was considered. Certainly appreciate the input though and am glad to read the different opinions being offered. Personally like it when these lists spark some debate.

  • Himself

    A big fan of the Keys since their 1st album. This is my personal Top 15.

    15. Thickfreakness
    14. Stack Shot Billy
    13. Gold On The Ceiling
    12. Grown So Ugly
    11. Busted
    10. The Moan
    09. Heavy Soul
    08. Girl is on my Mind
    07. Lies
    06. You Touch
    05. Ten Cent Pistol
    04. Work Me
    03. I Got Mine
    02. Howlin’ for You
    01. Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down

  • Theo

    @ Monster
    I think you guys compiled a great list, and I hope you guys don’t take is as a challenge from the community to change your opinion. I rather have pieces that challenge my opinion and hell sometimes you guys are correct about your assertions. Keep up the great work.

  • Monster

    Thanks, Theo. I appreciate the comment. Trust that we never publish these lists expecting an absolute success rate. If everyone agreed with that we said then there would really be no point in doing what we do.

  • FlatKeys

    I’m surprised “Unknown Brother” and “The Lengths” weren’t on this list.

  • Chris

    Brass tacks* Other than that good excerpt. Btw, their new album has no tracks that would be featured on the top 15 with exception of opener Weight Of Love

  • Hans

    What about Psychotic Girl????

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