The Most Annoying Things at Concerts

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annoying The Most Annoying Things at Concerts

For music lovers, concerts can be some of the best, most memorable experiences life has to offer. That makes it even more bothersome when something or someone fucks up the night. We’ve decided to get some things off our chests and share with you the most annoying things we regularly see at concerts. Hit the comments section to share your own.

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  • relaxxin

    Great post. Spot on. Also, I don’t know who is to “blame” but, a lot of artists play at venues that don’t fit them. This results in the “Awkward lack of crowd participation.” I know its all about money but I personally don’t want to see kanye at the key arena in seattle…

  • Birdman17

    Deafening screaming chicks that yell for every song. Seriously, we know you like the music, that’s why everyone is here.

  • Lucas

    Missed the worst in my opinion. The stuck up people who don’t want to move further towards the front themselves, and decide that you shouldn’t either, so they start throwing bows when you try to wiggle past them. Wanna clock them

  • Justin

    And of course, the worst of the worst, highschoolers

  • Luke

    There is nothing we tall people can do to help it! I truly do feel bad about blocking people’s views though…

  • Confusion

    Cut ur legs off. LOL just kidding just kidding just kidding


  • Alex

    All the wookies blasting off on DMT are the fucking worst. And don’t wear 20 fuking wire wrap necklaces as once… one is enough

  • Cole

    hey don’t hate on high schoolers some of us just really love acting like assholes we can’t help it

  • josh


  • @Gene_us

    “and one overly enthusiastic guy in the back lets out a big “woo.”” LMFAO!!!! I’ve experienced this far too many times! Great list guys!!

  • basedbuddah

    In relations to the lack of crowd participation, I once saw a black rapper try to start a “Fuck The Police” chant at a show full of white kids. Talk about awkward.

  • based

    isnt singing along to a song part of crowd participation.
    i hate going to concerts and most people only knowing the popular song/s. i like to go to concert to sing/rap along with others

  • Eric

    what about the tall guy with big hair wearing a backpack who acts too high and alternates between taking video on his phone, making out with his girlfriend, and singing all the words to just the popular songs

  • Greeg

    I hate when you go to a show that has press at it that start doing things to hinder the crowd just to get a shot at the artist.

  • Neesh

    That one guy who keeps hopping up and crowdsurfing… I can do without him too.

  • tyler

    Spot on. I always end up pissing myself!

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  • Nikoleta

    My worst thing is when that one person is hopping up and down right in front of you..It’s like “now I see the stage – now I don’t”. I was tempted to trip them many many times – Ooops! I think I once did…

  • eddie

    While some of these things ring true, the biggest concert annoyance is bad vibes. Which this article reeks of.

  • shagood

    Tall people? Really? That’s fucking dumb. Probably the dumbest shit you’ve ever said. And I love this blog. Just sayin.

  • Bryan

    I think outdoor festivals like bonnaroo are an exception. I think I would have died with my camelbak

  • Bryan

    *without my

  • Confusion

    its a joke

  • Asha

    Exactly. It is prejudice , lessening the power of the authors post by appearing insecure about their natural angle of the stage.

  • gabe

    Damn, this article is stupid as fuck.

  • Greg