Video: Hot Sugar ft. Haleek Maul – “I Don’t Wanna B Judged”

hot sugar haleek maul i dont wanna be judged Video: Hot Sugar ft. Haleek Maul   I Dont Wanna B Judged

Fresh off his blissfully weird collaboration with Heems, “56k,” Hot Sugar returns with another bizarre spectacle for your eyes. “I Don’t Wanna B Judged” features a female body builder, a woman in high heels wearing a plastic bag on her head and stepping on hot dogs, a man slicing a pumpkin in half, and Kitty Pryde sorting through her purse, all while Haleek Maul raps about not wanting to be judged over a typically dynamic, buzzing Hot Sugar production. The video works largely on the strength of its offbeat subjects and a cool central conceit: every scene (after a brief introdution) is tied together by a television screen in the background playing the next scene.


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