Video: Wiz Khalifa ft. The Weeknd – “Remember You”


Wiz Khalfa may not be best known for getting too complex with his music videos, but when he pairs up with The Weeknd, the usually fun and carefree rapper/pothead takes on a different tone. This clip isn’t what you’re used to seeing from Wiz—it offers a look at a “distressed women in a glamorous underworld,” and it goes to show that The Weeknd can bring the dark side out of anyone.


  • Viv

    Even though you recommend this band constantly, I tried to resist listening to The Weeknd. Today, I finally gave up and downloaded House of Balloons to check them out…

  • codine

    The Weeknd is a dude Viv, a mere dude.

    A repetitive dude at that. Huge RnB fan so I wish I liked him but all his shit sounds the same to me. His best song by far is The Morning

  • Viv

    Well, Codine, I liked his songs, although I wouldn’t include it in my “favorites only” playlist… it’s a tune I would choose if I was trying to feel sexy (oh my god, it sounded so brainless but it is true, so I’m sorry)…I’m kinda of picky to label it R&B,R&B for me is Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Otis Redding and so on, but I’m an old fashioned girl.

  • codine

    haha wait, so you have to be dead to make RnB?

    no wonder no one can do it these days!

  • Viv

    hhahahahahahhaa, no it’s just that I have a hard time labeling r&b something that sounds like The Weeknd. Blame it on me and my old fashioned ways, Corine…

  • Viv

    ops, Codine

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