What’s That Song From Janelle Monae’s New Sonos Commercial?


The Commercial: Sonos Wireless HiFi System

You may not think of it much, but there are people whose job mostly involves picking music for commercials. To avoid gigantic prices associated with using the world's most popular music, they often have to dig up some tracks you may not already be familiar with. This year we found some great music thanks to a Heineken and Taco Bell commercial, and Sonos is the next to introduce us to a great jam (thanks in large part to the lovely Janelle Monae and her dance party).

Watch the commercial below, and if you like the sound of it, hit the next page for the song.

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  • Bryan

    I’m a fan of this song from the Zales commercial currently airing


  • Komadose

    I love this commercial because of this song.

    Its like Gnarls Barkley did a song with the Transplants.

  • Komadose

    And it really sucks BTW

  • Captain Reality

    It’s a rip-off of Blur’s “Song #2 (Woo-hoo)”. FAIL.

  • shysha

    We’re far enough from heaven now we can freak out
    By: Deep Cotton

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