Who Is Captain Murphy? 5 Possibilities

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Using mystery to draw fans in has been popular in 2012, and with Captain Murphy, the rap game has its latest and greatest mystery. There’s a lot of speculation about who this cartoon-clad captain character actually is. Here’s what we know: we first heard him on Flying Lotus & Earl Sweatshirt’s “Between Friends,” and since then he’s dropped a series of tracks leading up to Duality. Production credits have gone to Flying Lotus, Clams Casino, Samiyam, Teebs, TNGHT, and Just Blaze, with guest spots coming from Earl, Azizi Gibson, and Jeremiah Jae. Our main source of Captain Murphy news has been a twitter feed, although Flying Lotus has posted a fair share of Captain Murphy tweets.

With the release of Duality behind us, we’ve got to ask the obvious: Who is Captain Murphy? We can’t say for sure, but we have some suspects in mind.

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  • Philip McGann

    “Two dudes, two odd crews with strange leaders, kitty cats a couple blunts my new wang feeder.”

  • http://prophetnofortuneteller.com/ Haikucoup

    It’s FlyLo, remember the Lotus produced Blu track BNG? The RuffMercy animated video bears notable similarities to the Captain Murphy guise!

  • Christopher

    can i ask, why do you guys give a shit about capt murphy? i know its your job to, but do you not think its exactly what the process wants? you guys make up the blogs and people that fuel his mysterious and boastful ego. do you not just think, well hey if he releases a good song thats cool, ill post it, and lets wait to see who it is. i understand why you want to know as yeah its interesting, but don’t you think constantly guessing until he is revealed (which he will be at some point) is just a bit petty? i dont know, i guess its just a pride thing for me.

  • Confusion

    It probably seems like we’re over thinking it, but this was really just something that was a natural conversation between some of us on the P&P staff, so we decided to put it out there and let readers in on the conversation. I don’t care much about what fuels this mysterious stuff. Not my job to tell an artist how to be. If they get a kick out of making this into a big spectacle, that’s fine with me. Different strokes, you know?

    Petty stuff is fun sometimes. If we only posted songs, talked about nothing but the music, and avoided all the “petty” shit that surrounds the music, never digging and poking a little, things would be pretty boring.

  • Christopher

    hey man. i understand, and i like that you take the time back your content up.


    captain murphys tweets read like tylers kinda.

    when mentioning zeroh, he said zero then put brackets saying who ever the fuck that is.

    kinda of like tyler would.

  • Greeg
  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    Genre of the .mp3 version of Duality is “Kitty hole”.

  • Manic

    I am Captain Murphy.

  • DJ

    Sounds a lot like Zeroh to me.

  • http://backpocketchocolate.blogspot.com Colbrane

    Does anyone else think it could be Jay Elec?

  • Georgeh87

    It’s definitely Luther. The ip address of captainmurphy.xxx is linked to ireland. All of luthers tracks include the high pitched voice used in CM’s tracks. Plus in interviews luther talks about up and coming colabs that he can’t give too much info on. Tyler, Earl and Flying lotus all follow him on twitter. Simple

  • Michael

    It’s Flylo listen to “Do The Astral Plane” @ 2:53 that’s CM’s laugh. Case closed.

  • RJ

    You fools! It’s a dude named Shahmen, and maybe his friend unorthodox. He tells you in his first line of between friends. So, unorthodox….chillin with a shahmen in the parking lot”

    Flylo does production on at least a couple songs. Search Shahmen on youtube. 100% positive that’s the deep voice. How is nobody figuring this out…..?

  • Michael

    Nah it’s Flylo

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  • Sargent

    It’s definitely Flylo. There is a tweet from Pitchfork saying watch Captain Murphy aka Flying Lotus perform with Earl Sweatshirt

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