Who Is Captain Murphy? 5 Possibilities

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captain murphy2 Who Is Captain Murphy? 5 Possibilities

Using mystery to draw fans in has been popular in 2012, and with Captain Murphy, the rap game has its latest and greatest mystery. There’s a lot of speculation about who this cartoon-clad captain character actually is. Here’s what we know: we first heard him on Flying Lotus & Earl Sweatshirt’s “Between Friends,” and since then he’s dropped a series of tracks leading up to Duality. Production credits have gone to Flying Lotus, Clams Casino, Samiyam, Teebs, TNGHT, and Just Blaze, with guest spots coming from Earl, Azizi Gibson, and Jeremiah Jae. Our main source of Captain Murphy news has been a twitter feed, although Flying Lotus has posted a fair share of Captain Murphy tweets.

With the release of Duality behind us, we’ve got to ask the obvious: Who is Captain Murphy? We can’t say for sure, but we have some suspects in mind.

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