15 Videos of Famous Musicians Getting Booed Off Stage


There is something in our nature that gives us sick pleasure from watching others fail. In its most basic form, it's that chuckle you get out of watching someone fall down, but it manifests itself in many ways. Today, instead of watching musicians at their best, see them at their low points. Here are 15 videos of wealthy, successful musicians getting booed off stage.

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  • http://coboredom.tumblr.com Prohaize

    Nobody cuts Lil Mama some slack from fans, award shows to Charlemagne at Power 105.1.. God bless

  • http://coboredom.tumblr.com Prohaize

    Whoever screamed booooo in Lauryn Hill’s video cracked me up!

  • khal

    lol the Apollo is no joke

  • AlecDawesome

    “Ah, Wayne. No matter what you think of this man, you have to admit that he’s one of the best entertainers in current music.”

    Uh… No?

  • Bass

    I was at that concert with K.R.I.T. I felt bad for the dude and definitely respected the way he handled it. I didn’t think he deserved to be booed, but to be fair, he was another unannounced opener they threw at us in a long drawn out night when people came to see Jay Electronica. Now how much rarer have those appearances gotten? People weren’t just booing the song I guess, but they had no idea who he was and were getting pretty antsy at that point.

  • http://huacakiwi.tumblr.com franko sinatra

    i dont think getting antsy can be okay. its really a shame they did that to krit, it was the only dude in the list that i would have never booed.

  • cocaine cowboy

    Amy Winehouse also got booed when she came to Dubai. Same situation, she was drunk off her ass, the performance was weak, etc. R.I.P though.

  • Earl Richburg

    @earlyburgin and yes I have been booed off stage…A few times

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