19 Artists To Watch For in 2013


Predicting the future in music isn't an easy gig. You've got to account for a lot of things: changing tastes, changing technologies, new genres, dancing South Korean men with infectious pop songs who go viral. We're certainly no prophets (yes we are), but if we had to bet on the next wave of artists to have a good 2013, we've got some artists in mind. These up-and-comers pack the sound, image, or ambition--and, in some cases, all three--to rise in the ranks of the music world. Check out our Artists to Watch in 2013.

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  • -____-

    Azealia Banks = Angel Haze
    Inc. = xx
    AlunaGeorge = Purity Ring + English Accent
    FIDLAR = Just awful…

  • Confusion

    AlunaGeorge = Purity Ring? Come on. Listen to them both for an hour and then come back here and tell me that you’re going to stand behind that statement.

  • based

    i already f*uck with dominic lord and haim. i might need to check out a few of these like young wonder and elliphant.

    ps. alunageorge sounds more like r&b with the production somewhat similar to purity ring.

    pss. i also believe kitty pryde should be on this. even though she became a lot more popular in the middle of the year

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  • Batmayne

    Evy Jane is #20 in my mind.

  • Mark

    You Forgot Jonathan Odine! He’s This New Rapper From Nashville, Tennessee. soundcloud.com/jonathanodine

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  • Age 20

    @-____- Just because they’re both comprised of a girl singer + guy duo doesn’t mean that Alunageorge and Purity Ring are in the same box. Not knocking the hustle or anything, but Alunageorge has so much more potential, incorporating much more interesting UK/R&B rhythms whereas Purity Ring leans towards a kind of monotonous, syrupy hip-hop/witch-house sound.

    Also, yeah…your other comparisons are just really off.

  • http://www.twitter.com/bobdooz Dooz

    Jon Bellion? Backed by Logic and VMG is a good look.

  • http://twitter.com/malikxflint malik flint

    Haim, Peace, and Disclosure are dope. Disclosure reminds me of 90’s r&b with a house remix.

  • http://huacakiwi.tumblr.com franko sinatra

    im looking mostly for material by fidlar. that group is the best, in my opinion, from the list.

  • Drake

    Great list as ever. Half of em I knew from reading the site, the other half were new to me.

  • Mars-Hi

    There are 18 on this list, not 19 #LIES!

  • http://www.soundclick.com/pentultima Lu

    Please consider PENTULTIMA for 2013. Their music will take you on a magical voyage through a pop/rock/classical world like no other. HNY music lovers!!

  • ReHab

    Great list but I think Digital Ghost should be on this list.

  • mh

    Haim and The Neighbourhood are going to blow up this year- they have both released multiple strong tracks (Dont Save Me- Haim and Let It Go-The Neighbourhood) and I’m excited to see what else they release

  • Diana Kay

    Nothing much…except Jessie Ware’s version of Brownstone original song “If you love me” I think from ’94… “ONE LITTLE THING” you forgot to observe and announce.

  • Kris


  • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.hamlin Isaac Hamlin

    the most anticipated artist has to be Trevor Jackson. He recently released a song on YouTube and its so catchy. It gives off a Neyo and Chris Brown vibe. He is only 16 and i forecast success for him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc03Zc7DlbI

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